Founder of Provisions Bake Shop (Pelham, NY), wife of a vegan, mother of four, and maker of all things delicious.

Nannette in the KitchenHi I’m Nannette.

Food has always been part of who I am –  my earliest memories are of being in the kitchens of my Italian and French grandmothers. Without realizing it, those delicious hours would be the foundation for my life’s passion: eating and making good food.

Thirty+  years ago, I moved to California as a newlywed, and while my husband, the graduate student, studied the weekends away, I taught myself to cook and bake. It was the beginning of the “food revolution” in California – I was the marketing director for an economic consulting firm – but my co-workers and I were all foodies – obsessed with a great cup of coffee (still part of my morning ritual), amazing bread, even a great milkshake.

The idea for my first food business venture, Provisions, was born back then…I dreamed of having a business that would deliver fresh homemade lunches to office workers, all made from scratch. But as is often the case, I got sidetracked with life and my kids. Yet my dream never died. It was always in the back of my mind, as I had a myriad of part time jobs so that I could also be home with my four chickadees.

As my children got older, the dream was no longer in the back of my mind and I found myself embracing my “foodie” past. I took certificate courses in baking and pastries, and began a small cookie and cake business in my hometown. Then my younger sister opened Cocoa, a wonderful chocolate shop a few towns over, and I helped her in the kitchen when she first opened, and that was it! I knew it was time to make my dream a reality…Provisions was born!

For 11 years I worked around the clock, doing what I love, and creating a successful bake shop and brand along the way. Time marched on and as I entered my sixth decade I knew it was time to hang up my apron at the store and go back to cooking, baking and eating solely for pleasure. It was around this time that my husband was diagnosed with diabetes and his doctors recommended a vegan diet for his health. And that’s when it clicked, I didn’t have to hang up my apron permanently, I could bring my love of food and recipes to other home cooks with this blog and future cookbook. It’s been just over a year since I last baked at Provisions, but I’m still in the kitchen testing my recipes almost daily. I hope you’ll join me on this journey, try the recipes yourself and give me feedback along the way.

Email me at: veganexceptdessert@gmail.com

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